What are the natural tips for treating asthma ?

Asthma is an inflammatory and pulmonary disease that causes respiratory problems. The number of people it affects in a year in France is no longer to be demonstrated. Fortunately, there are natural remedies that can enable victims to treat it. Discover them in this article.

Boswellia, an effective solution for asthma

Several clinical studies have shown that boswellia is very effective in the treatment of asthma. Indeed, boswellia is a powerful anti-inflammatory. It slows down the synthesis of inflammatory mediators and leukotrienes. Please note that boswellia is not used by pregnant women. Also, it is not used to soothe asthma exacerbations. However, it is only used to prevent and treat the onset of asthma. Finally, it should be noted that boswellia is a remedy that must be used as directed.

The Buteyko technique

According to the innovator of this technique, the symptoms of asthma can be reduced when the asthmatic starts to correct the breathing pattern. According to his theories, asthma is caused by chronic hyperventilation. In order to alleviate the latter, Dr. Buteyko has created several methods. These consist of several breathing techniques and relaxation exercises that aim to reduce hyperventilation. Finally, it should be noted that several studies have proven the effectiveness of these techniques, although they are not yet recognised by science.

Choline supplements

The effectiveness of choline supplements is proven by studies conducted by Indian researchers in 1997. Indeed, the results of these studies showed that a supplement of 500 to 1000 mg per day is capable of reducing the frequency of asthma in an asthmatic. It should also be noted that these supplements reduce the intensity of symptoms and the use of bronchodilators in asthmatics. Apart from these, choline supplements also reduce the number of days of onset of asthma symptoms. Finally, choline supplements do not have any side effects. However, it is necessary to use them with caution in case of pregnancy.