What are the tips for protecting the liver ?

The liver is a very fragile organ that plays a very crucial role in the human body. A dysfunction of the latter can be fatal for a given subject. In this article, we offer you some advice to put into practice to protect your liver from health problems.

The liver: what do you need to know about its role in the body?

It is almost impossible to talk about the body’s regulatory organs without mentioning the liver. Indeed, it is an organ that is located in the upper part of the abdomen as part of the digestive system and plays a monitoring role. The liver is essential for the body and performs more than 300 functions on its own, including the secretion of intestinal bile. The roles of the liver are classified into several categories, three of which are the most important. Firstly, its main task is to make glucose molecules using a non-carbohydrate molecule. In this case, we speak of the nutritional function of the liver. Apart from this function, there are the functions of synthesis, blood, endocrine and antitoxin. This is why the liver is called a regulatory organ.

When is the liver said to be sick?

The liver is said to be ill when certain symptoms related to the digestive system are experienced. Speaking of these symptoms, we have digestive problems in all its forms. In addition to this, we have bloating, heaviness in the part where the liver is housed, swelling, aerophagia. In most cases, heartburn is more common.

Tips to protect and make your liver healthy

The biggest thing you can do to keep your liver healthy is to say no to regular alcohol intake. As you know, alcohol is a dangerous stimulant for the body and excessive intake can damage your liver. Secondly, to protect your regulatory organ, it is advisable to avoid smoking and other toxic products such as cannabis. As far as food is concerned, it is advisable to take black radish, take water whenever you feel thirsty and avoid fatty meats on a daily basis.